Our Important President Understands the Importance of Public Speaking

No-one is understands more about the importance of public speaking clubs than Linlithgow Speakers President, Colin Hervey.   This is what he says:

I joined Linlithgow Speakers 3 years ago.  I was also a founding member of Stirling Speakers.



importance of public speaking

What does the President do?

Linlithgow Speakers President, Colin Hervey, believes it is important to develop your public speaking skills. Here is what he says :

As President of Linlithgow Speakers, I support all the other club officers do their roles.  I host  approximately 3 meetings a year to ensure our club runs efficiently.  I have experience of most of the club officer roles, so can help out other officers if required.

I oversee the Distinguished club program and recognise members achievements.

I also speak at external events to help promote the Toastmasters brand.

At Toastmaster you can only hold this role for a year, so I will look for a successor to take over at the end of June 2020.

The importance of public speaking and leadership skills in today’s jobs market cannot be under estimated and it is my job to help our members develop these skills.