Nervous or Excited

Are you nervous or excited? The feelings are the same – it is the attitude toward feeling nervous that you need to change. This was the message during a workshop by Sheila on controlling your nerves. Don’t be nervous, be excited

Visitors from around the District and the globe was a feature of last night’s meeting at Linlithgow Speakers. We welcomed our friends Margaret from Stirling, Anthony from Yorkshire, Roz from London and Torie from California.

My favourite part of the evening was the introductory question – if you were Chancellor of the Exchequer what would you do post lockdown? We fixed the UK economy — perhaps we should invite Rishi Sunak to our next meeting. Some ideas – invest in infrastructure, give everyone £2,000 to spend, increase wages.

Ausat was our Toastmaster for the very first time and ably lead us through the meeting, well done on that “first”. Another first was Ellen’s Icebreaker – well done for getting started.

Roz from London gave a speech with a powerful message about listening to your gut.  She even included a story about passengers who followed their gut and did not board a plane – later that same plane crashed.  Scary stuff!

An eclectic mix of Table Topics got us all speaking and thinking. With some quality evaluations it was a productive meeting. Thanks to all who took part. Our next meeting is on 16 June. Everyone welcome but we will be holding our AGM.

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Remember – don’t be nervous, be excited!