Online Presentation Skills at Linlithgow Speakers

We learnt more about online presentation skills last night at Linlithgow Speakers.

We started the evening with Jim was wearing a brightly lit fez and we had a visitor all the way from Colarado. We had an inspiring Ice Breaker from Ausat, including a standing ovation which is traditional.

The highlight for me was the Table Topic session, lead by Euan and using pictures on his laptop. The theme was travel ….. something we all remember doing in the olden days!

Avril experimented with online presentation skills, using backgrounds for slides and trying to use more eye contact. The backgrounds worked well but there were 2 issues:

As usual, she kept disappearing into the background. She is going to investigate the use of a green screen.

She wanted to move away from the laptop / camera and stand up rather then sit close to it. It was not possible to change the backgrounds from that distance so he sat close. Another problem to solve!

Linlithgow Speakers is a great environment to practice and experiment.  We will continue to engage in the technology, finding ways to make our speeches more memorable using this specific media.  Avril was inspired by the Speech contests held at the weekend – those that did well used the space and camera to their fullest extent.

Our evaluations were helpful and effective. It was interesting listening to Angie from Colarado, who said that her club did not evaluate Topics. Otherwise, the clubs and the agenda were very similar.

To see if we can help you to improve your online presentation skills, why not join us?  Here is how our meetings work.

Our next meeting is on 2nd June – hope you can join us.  The first 3 meetings are free and there is no obligation to join the club.