Second Zoom Meeting

Zoom meetings just get better and better!  That is our second zoom meeting under our belts and we continue to get used to the technology.  Although it is certainly no substitute for being face to face.

Colin gave us some great imagery when he described his walking route, well trodden during his “1 excercise a day”.  We also got to know him better and learned something in the process. 

Did you know we had  a Mentoring programme at Linlithgow Speakers?  Euan told us something about mentoring and we had a brief discussion on this subject.  If you would like a mentor, please get in touch with Euan. 

We were delighted to welcome our Area Director, Jayne Smith, to our meeting.  She gave us some thought provoking and challenging Table Topics on the subject of charities. 

Our Evaluatioions were of a high standard and I am sure we all learned from them.

After the meeting had closed, we continued to chat for a while.  This is important as it keeps us connected and allows us to talk to people outside our immediate environment.  We all have to keep sane as well as healthy in this difficult time.

Lots of learning and a bit of fun!  I look forward to our next meeting on 21st April.  Here is the zoom link –

Have a happy Easter!  Don’t eat too much chocolate.