Who looks after Linlithgow Speakers Club?

Every speakers club needs someone to look after everything and at Linlithgow, Sheila does the job.  She looks after all our “stuff”.

I joined Toastmasters in 2001, when there was only one club in Scotland. When Jim Boyd set up a club in Linlithgow, I was about to move to Bathgate. I joined him, to set up Linlithgow Speakers.

I am now a DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster). This is a series of Communication and Leadership projects. I have gained a huge amount from Toastmasters programme. It is not just the awards, you learn about other people’s passion in their speeches.

Personally if I want to learn more about a topic, I plan a speech. I have been an Area Director and Division Director for Scotland. There are now 16 Toastmaster clubs in Scotland.

What does the Sergeant at Arms do?

The Sergeant at Arms (SAA) looks after all the physical assets of the club as well as greets members and guests.  They are responsible for arriving early and setting out the room.

The assets of the club include everything we need for a meeting – lectern, gavel, evaluation slips, stationery.  More importantly, the SAA looks after the tea, coffee and biscuits.  Although anyone can bring biiscuts – the more home-made, the merrier!

The SAA is also responsible for setting up the room and meeting and greeting members and guests as they arrive.

This is one of the most important and challenging jobs because the SAA sets the scene.  It is a role that is like housework – you don’t notice when it is done but you certainly notice when it is not.