Why I Joined Linlithgow Speakers Club

Every speakers club needs a Secretary and at Linlithgow ours is Emma.  She keeps our paperwork in order and everything neat and tidy.

I joined Linlithgow speakers club as a spur of the moment decision a year ago…my aim being to try to brush up on addressing a large group  of people as I sometimes need to do this in my job.

I expected to attend a few meetings and then drop out as I’m not a real ” joiner” however I got hooked.

Principally this was due to the very welcoming group and the brilliant feedback you get ( in Toastmasters it’s called ” evaluation”!)

It’s a nice safe space to practice, to learn, to adapt your style and to refine your skills. And make friends

Well worth it, do come along and give it a try like I did.

The Secretary is responsible for administration and maintaining Club records.

Specific duties include:

* Record and provide minutes of Club Officer meetings.

* Be custodian of the Club Constitution and By-Laws and other Club documents.

* If a bank mandate is changed, provide to the bank documentation showing when the Treasurer (and any other relevant Officer) was elected.

* Organise or help with other administrative tasks – for example, keeping a Club library or arranging the Christmas Dinner.