Linlithgow Speakers Applauds Cindy and Jim

At this weeks meeting, Sheila was Toastmaster for the evening and started on time.  There were 12 members present.  The theme for the evening was languages and this was carried well throughout. During our introductions, we learned who could speak a language other than English.  Sudha came out on top as she could speak around 7 – 9 languages. 

Jim was our invocator and showed us an advert for VW showing a Best Man speech at a wedding.  It was a thought provoking video, and definitely one to keep.

Emma took on the role of Timer for the 1st time (not sure how she has served that role) but was able to get through her 1st time nerves, but more practice required, so we must slip her into this role more often.  Last minute Ah Counter was Euan, who was not afraid to use the buzzer and gave us a good report at the end.  Thank you for taking on a 2nd role at the last minute. Yet again, it seems that as a club we really like the word ‘So’.  Stuart was out Word-Master/Grammarian and gave us the word ‘polyglotism’ (the ability to speak many languages).

The 1st speech of the night was Cindy who gave us a speech entitled: ‘Supportive Environment’, in which she tried to inspire us to take on more club roles.  Special mention to Cindy as this was her 10th speech so she is now a Competent Communicator.  Well done Cindy. 2nd speech was Colin entitled: ‘Listen up’ which was another good speech with food for thought. Susan and Jim were speech evaluators and gave positive feedback with some points for improvement.  

Double Hatted Cindy then took on the role of Table Topic Master and asked us to come up and speak on a subject given by her but in a foreign language.  Sudha was 1st up and despite no one else in the room speaking Ta, we were still mesmerised.  Susan came up and sang us a song in Zulu.  Stuart also took the floor and showed us language skills by speaking in many different tongues, including French, German and Italian.  Euan had the unenviable task of evaluating all that, but he managed it rather well.

Sudha was at the meeting in her capacity as Area Director.  She asked us all to give a round of applause to Jim for his winning humorous speech at the recent competition.  Well done Jim and we all look forward to hearing this at the next meeting.

Another successful and enjoyable evening.  Special mention again to Cindy on achieving her Competent Communicator, and also goodbye as she is leaving us for a short time.  We look forward to seeing you back with us.