Online Public Speaking comes to Linlithgow

Online public speaking came to Linlithgow Speakers last night as we held our first online meeting. I am glad to report it worked very well. Plus, no-one was exposed to any nasty germs!

online public speaking

We started with a quick tour of the zoom software and general protocol. Sheila took over as Toastmaster and kept us on track for the evening. She had the banner set up behind her so we were well and truely in Toastmasters!

The highlight of the night was Euan’s inspirational speech – a very personal speech given in an interesting way. What worked well was the holding up of post-it notes containing words – this was very effective for this online presentation. We all have to think about how an online public speaking meeting will compare to live public speaking meetings! What will work best in which format?

Colin gave the same topic for each person – what are we doing to keep
ourselves mentally and physically fit over this period of isolation. We
got some good tips from each other so we could all benefit from
everyone’s experience.

I think everyone found that the software
worked. For some it was the first time they had used it and others had
used it only occasionally. We are all a bit more familiar and
confident, although some of us are still experimenting.

Isn’t it funny how you get blinkered? We took a couple of photos of the screen but would it not have been better to take a screenshot? Let’s try that next time. We did have a feedback session at the end and most felt it was a positive experience. Many more could benefit from coming to meetings and as it is online, it is even easier to join.

Our next meeting is on 7th April – same place onine. Here is the link if you would like to join us –…/u5ctd-ivqDkoZKJFWyMv3E8TEWHSwGnj-w