A Toastmaster Pathway

Toastmaster Pathways is now well under way but is still not fully understood.  Avril gave us a speech about what a Path looks like and then invited Questions and Answers.  She was also undertaking a Level 4 project in which she had to lead a Q&A session.

So what is in a Path?

You came to Toastmasters to improve you speaking skills – along with that, you will improve your leadership skills.  Pathways is the formal training that supports this development.  There are 11 Paths – which one(s) you choose is up to you. 

Each Path consists of about 15 projects organised into 5 Levels.  Each level builds on your skills.  There are compulsory projects and elective projects. More information is here – https://linlithgowspeakers.org.uk/public-speaking-courses/

What else?

After that instructional speech on a Toastmaster Pathway, we had more information, this time from Sheila who told us about being a distinguished club.

I’m glad that Ausat gave us some non-informational table topics to balance out the meeting.  We had some challenging topics and most of us gave some good answers.  A huge round of applause goes to Ellen who made it to the lectern for the first time, as did Susan our first-time guest.

Thanks to everyone who took part.